A number of poker players believe that it’s important to carefully choose which table to sit down at, particularly in large casinos where several poker tables are in sight. It can be overwhelming to pick one especially if you believe your table choice will affect your game play. While table selection is vital to some, other players simply don’t think it’s important; they sit, they bet, and they play to win.

Recreational players in general, don’t have to worry about making such choices. These poker enthusiasts prefer to play the game in their own homes. That doesn’t necessarily mean they’re no match to seasoned players, but mainly because it’s fun to play where it’s more comfortable.

If like them, you also want to play poker at home but don’t have the money to purchase a whole table, a cheaper alternative is to buy a poker table top. But don’t go rushing online or to a poker supplies store yet. Visit popular websites like – 188bet to get immersed into the world of gambling.

There are setbacks when you choose to buy a poker table top, one of which is the formation of creases you’ll find on the table top where it folds due to prolonged use. But careful consideration and research will help you purchase the right one.

Here are the top 3 aspects to consider when you buy:

Materials – In general, there are two materials used to make poker table tops; foam and wood.

Foam is affordable, lightweight and quite durable. If you have a limited budget, then foam is your cheapest option. And because it’s basically easy to carry around, you can move it from one table to another without much effort. Foam poker table top can also be folded into various sizes to fit a variety of surfaces.
Wood poker table tops are pricier and heavier to carry but are known to last longer than foam and are more visually appealing than the former. Other poker table top options include felt and mat. Both materials are also affordable, easily to install, and can be laid over a normal table.

Shape and size –If you have decided on what material to use for your poker table top, then it’s time to determine the right shape and size.

Assuming that your kitchen table will also be used as poker table, you should take note of these helpful tips.

As a rule of thumb, the edge of your foam poker table top shouldn’t exceed the size of your table. The wooden table top on the other hand, can be 4 – 6 inches larger than your poker table.

Dining tables are commonly in the shapes of either round or square. If you choose to use your kitchen table as a poker table, then it’s best to purchase an octagonal-shaped poker table top. However, if you have a rectangular or oval table, then you should buy a poker table top of the same shape.

Features – A poker table top’s features are as important as the size, shape, and material. Keep in mind that design and color can make a huge difference. Of course at this point it’s all up to your taste and preference as to which features to choose.