Think James Bond

If you’re planning a night out at the casino, you’ve got to look the part. Don’t let anything keep you away from the bluff or double bluff of the poker table or the whirr of the roulette wheel, so dress appropriately. If you’re not too sure what to wear, check out online casino dress guides which can chop and change from venue to venue. While some casino establishments will accept casual wear during the day, others will expect you to be suited and booted up to play in their private rooms, think James Bond style.

Online casino specialists have put together helpful guides so you can cut a dash at the tables wherever you are. Don’t worry, the good news is casino etiquette is not all about bow ties and pressed trousers. If you’re stepping out into the Casino De Monte Carlo, then sure you need to dress to impress, but in most UK and US casinos, the dress code is more relaxed.

Casino De Monte Carlo

Casual dress etiquette

Most UK casinos don’t really have a dress code as such. Big names like Grosvenor Casinos and Hippodrome Casinos focus more on creating a relaxed and inclusive atmosphere. While many customers do choose to dress up, you will also be welcome in:-
– jeans and a shirt or T-Shirt
– a nice pair of loafers or boat shoes for men
– ballet pumps for the ladies

Casual dress etiquette

One thing’s for sure, wearing sportswear in casinos is generally frowned upon. If you’re heading stateside to the Mecca of casino culture, Las Vegas, you’ll find dress code even more relaxed than in the UK. The temperature in this neon lit desert oasis soars during the day so you’ll be able to enter most of the casinos on the strip in just a pair of shorts and a T-shirt. While jeans and other casual attire are also OK, give beachwear a miss especially.

Flip-flops Crocs

Women can choose to wear pretty much whatever they like as long as it’s clean, neat and not too sporty. In the evenings, casino goers tend to smarten up when heading off to a casino after having had dinner or watching a show. Casinos on the strip don’t have a dress code per se, but you will see most people making an effort. While shirts and ties are almost definitely out, casual wear is definitely in.

Smart/casual attire

Although most UK and US casinos don’t have a dress code, the vast majority of patrons do try to look smart and casual. Surprisingly enough, jeans are still acceptable in many UK casinos as well as the Las Vegas strips but remember to pair them with a coloured shirt and smart shoes. For women, a dress or blouse and skirt with either flats or heels will be fine.

If you’re planning to go to a European casino, the dress code is normally stricter than in the UK or US. Good advice is to always check the dress code before you go.